i saw THIS POST over on The Tiny Twig and thought, what the hey!?
i can do this!

it's been a very fast-changing year for me. 
my life six months ago is the POLAR opposite of my life now.

i was single, had an amazing job as a hotel general manager, lived near my family in a small town in north dakota. i was working 14-16 hour days and never had any time for myself. the money was great, but my days never ended and it was pretty unhealthy the amount of work i put on myself.

fast-forward to TODAY..
got engaged and married the love of my life.
we had a great honeymoon in las vegas.
packed up my things and MOVED TO CHICAGO!
i am the resident baby-maker of my little castle.
i am currently working on my writing and loving my life.

so what are my MAY GOALS?!

1) write the rough draft of my "carolina" novel.

2) watch ten john wayne films.

3) add to my sketchbook. (pictured above)

4) visit my family in Utah.

5) read two books.

i'll be updating you in JUNE on my progress.
i can't wait to read your lists!!
thanks to The Tiny Twig for this great idea.


  1. 10 John Wayne movies?! I have never even seen one so that cracked me up. Are you a big fan or just curious?

    1. Haha! It's on my LIFE LIST to watch all John Wayne films! My dad is a huge fan and I grew up with them playing in the background. There are over 150 starring I'm trying to be ambitious this month and get through them! Haha.

  2. I love that sketch at the top! Good luck on all your goals this month

  3. In a similar scenario as yours :) I should make my list, plan to get back to my sketching too!! Good luck!

  4. I am looking forwards to seeing some of those sketches, seeing as the one above looks fantastic! You've definitely been having a busy year as well. :) I hope you get those goals done. D: You're writing a novel!